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  • What happens after I submit my order?
    We will be in touch to coordinate a date and time for the basket to be picked up from our office by Ponce City Market or dropped off for a $20 delivery fee.
  • How far will you deliver?
    We will currently deliver around the perimeter. If you're more than an 45 minutes from Ponce City Market we'll likely need to find a meeting spot halfway. We always do our best to accomodate!
  • Can I customize my own basket?
    Not at this time! But we are currently working towards it so stay tuned!
  • How quickly can I get my gift?
    Typical turn around time for delivery is 3-5 days depending on your urgency! We recommend getting your order in ASAP once you know you need a gift. If you're picking your gift up, we could accomodate a faster turn around time!
  • What if I see something in another basket that I want in my basket?
    Let us know and we can do our best to make sure it's available for your basket! Baskets are pre-assembled so we can't make changes, but we're always looking for feedback.
  • How do I get my gift?
    You can pick it up from the Bolst real estate office free of charge or you can pay $20 to have it delivered.
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