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Straw Baskets


I’ve been doing real estate for 5 years now (pop over to @emilyhanley_homes if that isn’t where you started!) and to no one’s surprise, closing day is one of the best days! I love treating clients to a curated gift basket full of goodies to take to their new home or celebrate their next chapter after a home sale.

In typical Emily fashion, I either had the gifts ready to go days in advance, or I was burning rubber running late to closings going to some fancy gift shop. And those stores are made for someone like me! I loovveee looking at all the kitchen tools and the food options and the hosting pieces. I love smelling every candle and soap and obsessing over anything seasonal. 

So I started to think, ONE, I should plan ahead more. But TWO, I would love to source these items!! So I bring you Good Neighbor Gift Co. If you’re a Realtor we make amazing closing gift baskets! If you’re not, we make amazing normal gift baskets and presents! 

My home is my favorite place. I love collecting items that I can put around my house that make me think of travels, friends, traditions or the time of year. My goal is that every item gifted will find a happy home. Each item that's chosen has thought behind it and I never buy something I wouldn't personally want to get! 

As for the name, one of my favorite questions to ask my clients is, "so how are the neighbors?!". Neighbors see us day in and day out for years at a time. You make small talk in the driveway or elevator, watch as the kids grow up, help each other out in a pinch and update each other on what's going on in the neighborhood. So the idea of a business that encourages people to reach out, connect and celebrate each other was so sweet to me! 

Happy shopping out there. Be a good neighbor <3 

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